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We offer Expert Advice and Perfect Documentation Services for Spouse Visas, Fiance(e) Visas, Dependant Visas and Family Immigration for USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND and all SCHENGEN COUNTRIES. We enjoy a near 100% success rate and unite you with your spouse and family in the shortest period of time.

    • 2019-12-20 11:52:00
    • The UK Government on Thursday confirmed plans to introduce new visa for qualified doctors and nurses from countries around the world, including India, to address workforce shortages in the state-funded National Health Service (NHS).

        • 2019-11-29 23:09:00
        • Indians have topped the nationalities chart of people who have applied for work visas in the skilled sector in the United Kingdom. As per the data released by the UK Immigration Department on November 28, 2019 more than 1 in 5 of all UK visas go to Indian nationals and 90% of Indian applicants succeed, above the global average.

            • 2019-12-23 10:21:39
            • Boris Johnson's Government will double the number of visas for Scientific research fellowships and speed up approval process as it seeks to encourage more scientists to move to UK after it leaves the EU.

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              Welcome to Visa Experts 4 U

              We are expert Visa and Immigration agents, consultants and advisors offering perfect Documentation Services for SPOUSE VISAS, FIANCEE VISAS, FAMILY VISAS, GREEN CARDS, SETTLEMENT VISAS, CITIZENSHIPS and all other visa related matters for all countries, including but not limited to, UK, USA, CANADA, SCHENGEN, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

              We offer full range of online services for all Visa, Immigration, Citizenship, Appeals and Administrative Review matters to our clients globally. Our services include comprehensive guidance and perfect documentation services in the following areas -  

              • Spouse Visas
              • Fiancee Visas
              • Dependent Visas
              • Tourist Visas
              • Family Visit Visas    
              • Business Visit Visas   
              • Investor / Entrepreneur Visas   
              • Student Visas 
              • Permanent Resident / Immigration Visas     
              • Appeal Matters
              • Administrative Review Requests (against UK Visa Refusals)
              We are leading Visa and Immigration Advisors, Consultants and Agents. Our perfect visa documentation assures you a visa to any destination country of your choice. Our success rate runs close to 100% as we are qualified law professionals specializing in global Visa, Immigration, Appeal and Administrative Review matters, having top level expertise and extensive experience. Our highly professional approach and a crisp visa documentation fetches us success in most matters we undertake. Our honest and fair dealings with clients as Expert Visa Consultants and professional interactions with embassy officials and staff have earned us an enviable reputable in our line of business.


              Immigration laws, visa rules and Appeal / Administrative Review related procedures of any country are daunting, complex and ever-changing. Only a few visa experts, consultants or agents are ever equipped to navigate the entire process alone. Ever-changing visa and immigration related Laws, Rules and Procedures – which are largely dictated by economic and political state of any country – require successful visa experts, consultants and agents to stay abreast of the latest. That's why a professional help in Visa and Immigration matters from a dedicated Visa Agent, Consultant or Expert makes all the difference.


              There are many different tactics and strategies for Visa approvals and we, as expert Visa Consultants, know them very well. We also prepare our clients for a visa interview where it is mandatory. While we do not offer any blanket guarantee that a Visa may actually be granted to any applicant, our superior knowledge & vast experience as expert Visa Consultants enhances the success rate dramatically.


              Personal involvement and ongoing communication are the hallmark of our personalized services as Visa Agents - you always know what's happening. Our overseas information resources help us keep abreast of changes in Immigration Laws, Rules and Procedures, ensuring no unpleasant surprises to you. We, as prudent Visa Experts, Consultants and Agents, always verify the latest laws, rules and procedures before proceeding.


              We are easily accessible from anywhere in the world – e-mail, Whatsapp & phone, even after you have migrated abroad – to offer our continued visa related guidance and perfect documentation services to you as your personal Visa Consultant and Agent.


              We charge reasonable fees for our services as Visa Consultants and Agents – there are no unpleasant surprises. We let the visa applicants know in advance what their chance of success would be. Success comes naturally, provided the applicants do not submit any fake documents, co-operate with us in a timely manner and provide us all the documents in the manner we recommend in order to successfully prepare the case. Our fee structure and payment terms are fully explained at the time of our taking up the case. 


              We expect our clients to be professional in their dealings with us and respect the value of our time and efforts. Accordingly, we expect them to assist us in completing their visa application package in a timely manner by providing us all the information and documents promptly. We have a no-refund policy to dissuade them from abandoning the visa process once we have accepted their case. 


              We offer documentation services for Appeal and Administrative Review matters for UK Visas very efficiently and successfully. As Visa experts our sound knowledge of latest Laws and Rules framed by the Government Authorities and Tribunals in UK as well as all other countries where Appeal system is in vogue, puts our Clients on a firm footing and our clients succeed without having to engage any foreign based lawyer / solicitor. This results in enormous savings to our Clients.


              For our free initial evaluation of your case, you may e-mail to us at visaexperts4u@gmail.com or Whatsapp to +91 6263083078 details of your requirements. If you had already applied for a Visa but have been turned down, please send us a copy of the Visa Refusal Letter received by you.
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              Thanks a million .......

              "After having been rejected for a student visa thrice by the U.K. High Commission, I had lost all hopes of ever being able to receive my Certificate of Competency as Deck Officer and have a career with Merchant Navy. You got me the visa in your first attempt and saved my career."

              -Rajesh Sorout, Faridabad, Haryana.

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